Constitutional reform: zero steps forward…

Despite promises of constitutional reform to (hopefully) further develop our democratic structures, the PLPN cabal tinker here and there with the constitution to serve solely their own interests.

As we’ve seen in the Commissioner of Standards farce, they play the tit-for-tat game and don’t explain their choices other than through some petty rhetoric. For the PN one candidate was ok as Ombudsman, but not as Commissioner, for PL the attitude was ‘you (PN) choose one, we’ll (PL) choose the other one’. No real discussion.

Back to the Constitution – the efforts by people and organizations to contribute to the discussion about reform have been ignored. That’s the respect the PLPN cabal have for the ‘others’. Here is an article from 2020 – still relevant today, given the fact that in this case there have been zero steps forward.






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